QC Immigration


Brand: QC immigration
Client: QC immigration
Year: 2020
Industry: Legal
Location: UK


Visual Identity
Web Design
Web Development
Brand Guidelines


QC immigration is a UK law firm that specializes in immigration law. Immigration involves change and important life decisions. Lawyers specializing in immigration must be sensitive to the unique challenges of their clients. The new image of the firm was to emphasize the empathy and tact behind the QC immigration brand. The aim of the project was to break away from the traditional image of a law firm as inaccessible to clients, which uses complicated language. 

The focus was primarily on people and their needs.

The leitmotif became collages consisting of photographs showing professionals, mixed-race families and couples, homosexual couples – the main clients of the firm. The photographs exude peace and trust, and combined with simple, geometric graphic elements, they are devoid of an artificial corporate look.

In the new logotype, we kept the purple color associated with the legal industry, but broke it up with blue and light pastel colors – blue and pale pink.

The website had to stand out from other companies in the legal industry. It was inspired by companies in the technology industry, where the emphasis is on minimalist design, clarity of content and direct communication. In addition to a large knowledge base on immigration law, the website allows you to easily make an appointment or book a visit.