Demox Lab


Brand: Demox Lab
Client: Demox sp. z o.o.
Year: 2022
Industry: Technology, Medicine
Location: Poland


Visual Identity
Brand Book


Demox Lab is a new medtech company from Umano. Created by Drs. Piotr Kleina and Ɓukasz Polak, the company has created a completely new, non-invasive way to diagnose the eye parasite, Demodex. Demodex are directly related to the worldwide occurring disease Dry Eye Syndrome, which directly affects up to 20% of people worldwide. We dealt with complex creation of brand image including strategy, brand architecture, naming, visual identity, logo, graphic materials and a new website.

At the beginning of the work, a new brand architecture was created with the umbrella brand Demox Lab and consisting of two sub-brands – Demox Scan and Demox Test. This allowed us to tidy up the rather complicated structure of products dedicated to different target groups and used in various ways. Thus, Demox Scan is responsible for the application that allows for a preliminary analysis of the presence of Demodex and Demox Test, focusing on the diagnostic method performed by ophthalmologists.

Each company has its own autonomy while maintaining semantic and visual consistency.

The company operates on the borderline of medicine and new technologies, so while creating a new image we wanted to include both elements. The leading blue color helps to keep the company in the category of medical companies, but the bold and modern logotype is closer to the image of companies in the technology industry. The communication is built on strictly selected photographs, which were meant to avoid a corporate, artificial look, but refer to the style of companies dealing with artificial intelligence and new technologies. The photos are to be intriguing, unusual and arouse interest.

An important visual element of the brand is the letter X, which is used as an icon of the mobile application as well as a characteristic leitmotif of the whole brand.