Brand: Tribe Esports Center
Client: Tribe Esports Center
Year: 2019
Industry: Esports
Location: Poland


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Web Design
Web Development


Tribe is a concept that was born out of the need for a new space for esports. It’s a place where players from all over the world come to live and train together before important tournaments. Tribe is also a space that can host meetings, training camps and events for esports teams.

The fast-growing esports industry uses its own specific visual code. Just as a football team needs a crest or club colors, esports players need a name, logo or colors to build an identity with their team. By creating the name Tribe, we referred to the collectivity, connections, and relationships that young players form with one another during competitions.

For the identity, we decided to create a sign that could function both as the crest of a football team and as the original tribal sign. The sign had to be simple, strong and anchored in memory, and its design had to allow it to be easily reproduced on a variety of materials – steel, sheet metal, Plexiglas, stencil, plastic – all indoors. The Tribe’s target audience is also international customers, so the TR sign was reproduced on the roof of the building, making it easy to find on Google Earth.

An important element was to brand the building with a TR sign, so that it was as visible as possible during the creation of live broadcasts from the players’ stays.

The identification of the building was designed to easily explain the architecture of the building

The identification of the building was designed to easily explain the architecture of the building, i.e. individual functional zones and, in a detailed way, describe all the important elements, such as the location of the dishwasher, refrigerator or closet with clothes. The athletes were made to feel at home from the beginning, safe and comfortable, so that they could later spend their time training as effectively as possible.