The Green


Brand: The Green
Year: 2021
Industry: Real Estate
Location: Belgium


Visual Identity
Web Design
Web Development


The Green is a Belgian real estate development project located in the center of Antwerp. The investment is unique because there are several hundred square meters of green space on the roof, which provides a unique development solution in the city center.

While designing the logo, we wanted to emphasize the exceptional character of the investment, and we also referred to the regular elevation of the building. The building itself is located on the site of a former Antwerp Post Office, and the architects managed to preserve many elements of the former property with the iconic clock on the facade.

Our aim was to create an image that corresponded with the philosophy of the architects, who respected the historical heritage of the investment.

The project is aimed at wealthy clients, and therefore the image of The Green is unobtrusive and balanced. The minimalist aesthetic is broken up with a serif font used in the headlines. With the design, we wanted to reflect the combination of modernity and tradition, which represents the investment.

Communication of The Green is a story about the history and the idea of the building.

The website reflects the discreet elegance of the project. Its main character is the city and the history of the area.