MSM Design


Brand: MSM Design
Client: MSM Design
Year: 2022
Industry: Architecture
Location: Poland


Web Design
Web Development


MSM Design is an architectural studio specializing in exclusive houses and interiors. Studio defines the needs of its clients through a professional research method – Reiss Motivation Profile. Thus, in addition to comprehensive support at each stage of the design process, the company puts emphasis on defining the real, including subconscious, needs of the client. For MSM Design, we created a new website and refreshed its image.

According to the founder of the office, buildings and interiors designed consciously, taking into account the assumptions of environmental psychology, provide a sense of security and comfort.

The company’s chief designer is Maria Sipińska-Małaszyńska, and while creating the company’s website, we wanted to reflect the values that are close to the office’s founder. We emphasized the importance of the process and getting to know the client’s needs, which is crucial for the house to meet the expectations of future users.

The office creates high standard interiors inspired, among others, by Italian style.

We applied a strong serif font used in headings to refer to the elegant style of MSM Design. The dominant colors are timeless black and white. Our main goal was to present the projects of the office in the best possible way, but also to create a memorable and professional image of the company.

In order to emphasize the authorial character of MSM Design, we used graphic elements directly relating to the office’s founder, such as a characteristic, expressive handwritten signature and a logo created from the architect’s family crest.