IT Shows


Brand: IT Shows
Client: IT Shows inc
Year: 2022
Industry: Consulting
Location: USA


Web Design
Web Development


IT Shows is a US-based company that builds the capacity of developing countries through innovative services and solutions. The company is unique because it operates at the intersection of new technology, a non-profit organization and a commercial company. The result of its activities are projects implemented around the world that directly improve the quality of life in Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti and Zambia and many other countries across the globe. For IT Shows we built a new image and created a new website.

The new image of IT Shows was supposed to be modern and minimalist. However, with the help of well-chosen photographs, we created an image of a company that is empathetic and puts people first.

Colorful, expressive photos and videos from exotic locations around the world contrast with the black-and-white design of the website. The site emphasizes the international nature of IT Shows projects. We wanted both in language and imagery to show the company’s unique characteristics and real impact on the world.

Ecology, social inequality, lack of access to water or technological backwardness are real challenges for IT Shows and its employees.